Book Club – The 5 Love Languages

Having felt the failure of one too many relationships in the course of my 33 years on earth, when a relationship counselor approached me with this book, I was ready to give anything a try to change the course of my love life. – My 15 year history of 4 serious relationships and a handful of ‘not-so-serious’ ones sprinkled in the gaps, I had begun to uncover a clear pattern and I was beginning to ask myself, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ ‘Where has the love gone?’ ‘Why has he changed?’ – As it turns out, these are not the right questions to ask….

‘Falling in love’ is magical. The sensation of my heart thumping in my chest when my phone chimes, a love note from the new man in my life. The full-body tingling when he touches me, the excitement of dressing up, going out and being giddy like school children into the wee small hours, whilst talking endlessly over bottles of red wine, as if time has stopped around us and the sun will never come up. Throwing all caution to the wind and allowing the tornado of lust to spiral any logic out of sight, nothing else matters whilst we are thrust into the deepest, warmest & safest of places. Love.

The feeling of being deeply ‘in love’ floods the senses with an emotional connection so extraordinary and precious that it can barely be described in words. This connection to another human feels like we have reshaped & fused into one single being, finishing each other’s sentences, experiencing the dull, longing ache in the chest when we are apart for too long & immediate amplification of passion and joy of relief the moment we reconnect. – However, love can be as painful as it is pleasurable. The feeling of a limb being violently severed when the introduction of harsh words, lack of attentiveness, loss of interest, less time or spiritless attention to each others needs begin to ambush the space which was previously filled by love . – Suddenly this thing called love feels less magical and more, unremarkable. How did we get here?

The answer, I am confident to proclaim is here, in a book called ‘The 5 Love Languages’ – I listened to this audio book and highly recommend it as Gary Chapman’s velvety deep North Carolina tones make the entire experience even more enchanting. – This book begs the the question ‘Why didn’t I think of this!’ – Chapman’s fundamental theory shines a spotlight on many of my previous relationships and offers a comprehensible solution to the ‘loss of love’ a few months or years into a new relationship or marriage. – A short 4.5 hr listen, you will be itching to share this with your loved one/s and begin the process of learning each other’s love language to better understand one another and bring harmony and sparkle back into your relationship.

Chapman also writes versions of this book for men, singles and parents looking to discover the love language of their children or teenagers. A truly inspiring & fascinating read/listen and certainly a book to keep close at heart and allow into your life.

Enjoy this book friends, it can enhance your life & your love no matter who you are if you let it.


Sarah Avril x

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