Hear what my students have to say….

“As a beginner I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for classes, but I heard of the benefits so thought I would give it a go. I have now completed 4 sessions with Sarah and can already feel the beneficial impact mentally & physically! I feel energised, empowered and Sarah is an amazing teacher! Her voice is so calming & descriptions are so thorough that I don’t even need to look at the screen. This is definitely something I’m going to keep up in the comfort of my own home”.

Sarah, Regional Sales Manager, Midlands

“Sarah Avril’s classes have been great for developing my rudimentary yoga skills! Sarah is a great teacher and really accommodating, I never feel like the sessions are outside of my skill level, the postures are always well described and easy to get into. I’m already feeling improvement after just a couple of sessions! Highly recommend to practice with Sarah!”

– Mario, Drinks Brand Ambassador, London

“Having been interested in getting into yoga for a while, I recently decided to dive into one of Sarah’s classes and haven’t looked back since. As a complete novice I’ve found her style of teaching very accessible yet immersive – her knowledge & passion are clearly abundant, without ever making beginners feel intimidated. Beginners & experienced yogis alike will benefit from her classes.”

– Ben, Key Account Manager , Sheffield

“I just finished my first online beginners yoga course with Sarah Avril and I could not be more happy and satisfied. As a completely yoga newbie, Sarah’s course helped me with not only learning the principles and foundation of yoga but gave me a balanced routine for 6 weeks, as I continued practicing the various flows learned during the week, also using the YouTube videos that she prepared. Even only after few weeks, I can already feel an improvement in my body strength and flexibility. – I woefully recommend this course to all enthusiastic yogis, I am converted to yoga now and look forward to continue practicing and improving. Thank you Sarah Avril!”

– Maddie, Senior Brand Manager , London

“I enrolled with Sarah Avril Yoga for her 6 weeks beginner course.  I have previously practiced yoga, but had been on a break from it.  Sarah’s course was an excellent way to bring me back to my mat and take space and time for myself.  Sarah is a gifted yoga teacher, and although all of my classes with her were over zoom, I felt like I was in the room with her.  I like the way that Sarah practices throughout her class with you and encourages you to do what feels right for your body and mind.  Whether you have previously practiced yoga or are a complete beginner, I would highly recommend Sarah Avril Yoga”

– Katherine, Business Owner , Suffolk

“Being a Sarah Avril student has been a really positive experience for me. I found that Sarah’s classes have really brought me up to speed with yoga techniques and got me interested in practicing more. I especially found Sarah’s teaching calming and insightful and I always looked forward to the meditation section which Sarah really excels at. Really recommend these classes!”

– Sarah, Senior Account Manager , London